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The Spy Makes Three

In high school, Kaylee Anderson and Carter Maxwell were the golden couple, cheerleader and quarterback.

Jackson Brand was a sullen loner.

From opposite sides of the track, all three secretly desired a wicked taste of the forbidden—each other.

Then the golden couple spurned the Jackson in public, and the rebellious, embittered teen dropped out and left town.

Now Kaylee is an accountant and Carter an architect, friends with benefits leading individual boring adult lives—except when they meet once a year in their hometown for getaway sex.

Straightened out by an intense, demanding hitch in the military, Jackson is bigger, tougher—and a secret agent on a mission. In their hometown.

On the same night Kaylee and Carter visit.

Jackson escapes a gang of thugs, but he’ll need Kaylee and Carter’s help to protect a precious data drive holding incriminating evidence. They'll keep it safe. but can the pair, who hurt him so long ago, convince him his only safe place is in their arms—and in their bed?

Warning: This story contains hot ménage and demonstrations of affection between two alpha heroes and one hot heroine.

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