The Spy Makes Three

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Bad boys doing a good girl. Two alpha males and one sizzling, voluptuous female. One steamy night together. Their first, and it may be their last…

Bad-boy spy Jackson Brand, on a secret mission in his hometown, is chased by a drug kingpin’s mob. Ducking into Hob’s Bar and Hotel, Jackson hides as one of a row of backs hunched over the rail. Anonymous. Until he hears two familiar voices…

Hobville High cheerleader Kaylee Anderson and quarterback Carter Maxwell always desired a wicked walk on Jackson’s wild side, but class cruelty divided them. Now Kaylee and Carter are friends with benefits, meeting once a year for getaway sex. Tonight, imagination throws them into a steamy three-way with a pretend Jackson.

Until the real Jackson shows up.

In a last-ditch attempt to escape the gang of thugs, Jackson hides in an open hotel room, only to find it’s Kaylee and Carter’s. Can the pair, who hurt him so long ago, convince the spy that he needs their help to finish his mission—and they need his help to heal all their hearts?

Warning: This story contains hot ménage and demonstrations of affection between two alpha heroes and one hot heroine.

Surprise for Three: Leap Year
Will she dare to take a leap this bold?

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THE GIRL NEXT DOOR … she's not daring enough for him
Annaliese loves Ransom, but has given up on winning his heart. It hurts too much to watch him with other women, so she’s leaving town. In farewell, she throws him a Leap Year birthday party—with a surprise. She may not get his heart a-pumping, but the beautiful exotic dancer popping out of the cake will.

THE RICH PLAYBOY … he's too much of a risk-taker for her
Ransom’s heart belongs to Annaliese, but he’s convinced he’d make her miserable, since he craves the adrenaline rush of extreme sports and kinky sex. He can only hope his passion for her matures before another man sweeps her away … and then the giant cake is wheeled in.

THE WOUNDED WARRIOR … she's just what he's looking for
Jack is home from duty as a Navy SEAL and on the hunt for a sweet woman to settle down with. When a relative maneuvers him into a pirate costume to swing his sword for some rich chick's birthday party, he goes along as a favor. Then he spies sweet Annaliese watching his moves and knows she's the one.

A LEAP YEAR LOVE TRIANGLE … can they make it last?
When Jack sees the way Annaliese looks at Ransom, he’s ready to back away … until Ransom invites him to a private after-party for three. Can Annaliese overcome her shyness to share passion with not one, but two hot men?

Warning: This story contains hot ménage and demonstrations of affection between two alpha heroes and one heroine.

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