Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Coming Soon

Surprise for Three is coming this month! Paired with the always-awesome S.L. Carpenter's Chasing Dreams. Can't wait to show off the covers.

Surprise for Three: Leap Year

Annaliese loves Ransom, but she's too shy for him, and knows it. So in farewell, she throws him a Leap Year birthday party—with a surprise. Sure, she doesn't get his heart a-pumping, but the beautiful exotic dancer popping out of the cake will.

Ransom craves the adrenaline rush extreme sports and kinky sex give him. His heart belongs to Annaliese, but he’d make her miserable as her lover. He can only hope his hot blood cools before another man sweeps her away …and then the giant cake is wheeled in.

Jack's home from war for good and looking for a sweet woman to settle down with. When a relative maneuvers him into a pirate costume to swing his sword for some rich woman's birthday party, he spies sweet Annaliese and knows she's the one he wants. But she loves another…

When the exotic dancer bursting from Ransom's birthday cake turns out to be a well-muscled pirate, it's a surprise for three.

This story contains material intended for mature audiences. Reader discretion advised.

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